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Boys modelling uniformThe school uniform is popular with parents and children and is universally worn. It is simple and inexpensive to purchase and can be bought at most major clothing suppliers. A list of the standard uniform is printed below. T-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts with the school logo are available from Mary’s Tots and Teens, Stafford Road, Newport

Sweatshirt  Bottle green with school logo
Polo shirt Gold with school logo
Cardigan Bottle green
Trousers Black or Grey school type (no jeans) – No Bootleg Trousers
Pinafore dress Black/grey- green check dresses in summer if they wish
Skirt Black/grey
Socks Grey or white – black tights
Shoes Black (flat heels)


The uniform is as stated unless with special request to the Headteacher.
Please ensure that all articles of clothing are clearly marked with the name of your child.

Sorry, we don’t allow any of the following:

  • Trainers
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Coloured socks
  • Earrings other than plain studs
  • Jewellery other than a watch

NO JEWELLERY may be worn although plain safety studs for pierced ears are generally acceptable, but will be required to be removed during P.E. drama and games activities for safety reasons.


Dress code for Physical Education

In the interests of Health and Safety the children will need to be provided with the following equipment.

All Areas of PE

  • Hair band to tie back long hair (any hair nearing shoulder length or longer)
  • Plasters to cover earrings (unless the children are able to remove them themselves)

Children will also be asked to remove all items of jewellery (e.g. watches and rings) so they don’t injure themselves and to avoid damage to these.

Indoor PE

  • Shorts –        Plain black or green
  • T-shirt –        Plain – no logos – white


Outdoor PE

  • Shorts or jogging trousers – plain no logos – black or green
  • Plain T-shirt (preferably their own house colour) – white
  • Sweatshirt (optional) – School colours
  • Trainers



  • A plastic or fabric swimming cap (fabric swimming caps are easier for the children to put on although they don’t keep the hair dry). This is essential for the filtration system and chemical cleansing system which is unique, because of its size and capacity. In order to keep our pool functioning we require to keep the filters clean, to help with this we have to ask you to provide your children with swimming hats to prevent hair getting into these filters.
  • Swimming costume for girls (one piece)
  • Swimming trunks for boys
  • A towel (named)
  • Flip flops or other slip on shoes.

Note: It is not appropriate to wear named, expensive sports kit for school.

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